Police charge Lancaster man with homicide | PennLive.com

Police in Lancaster County have charged a local man with criminal homicide and burglary after he allegedly shot another man inside a residence on North Third Street in Columbia.
Mario Casanova-Lanza, 39, of Lancaster, is now in police custody, according to a news release from Columbia Borough Police.
Police allege that Casanova-Lanza shot and killed Parrish Thaxton, a 36-year-old from the Bronx, N.Y.


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13 responses to “Police charge Lancaster man with homicide | PennLive.com”

  1. Sorry, we must come to terms with ourselves. These folks lived in Columbia, they are Columbian's. Sorry, just the way it is. Just becaue the orginated from out of town makes them no less of a resident. We no longer live in a quite little down where everyone knows their neighbors and watches out for each other. Those days are long gone. Welcome to the new Columbia.


  2. They are columbians by address only. True they would have NO interest in community and future of this borough. The new Columbia is somewhere those of us that were born here will really miss. Maybe a move to Lititz is now in order.


  3. they are NOT true born and bred Columbians! they are transients who catch the first bus in Lancaster and pile into this Boro and take away from our all of us taxpayers, especially the elderly who have to pay more andmore taxes (like we all do) to pay for the transients children to attend our schools. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. IT'S TIME TO MAKE CHANGES. EACH AND EVERY RENTER IN THIS BORO WHO HAS CHILDREN IN OUR SCHOOLS MUST PAY A TAX FOR THAT PROVELAGE AND SOMEONE ONE GET THIS STARTED…….THIS IS ONE WAY TO CURB THE NUMBERS OF STUDENTS, BECAUSE IF THEY HAVE TO PAY THEY BE OUGHTA HERE. $1,000.00 might be a start or $500 twice a year…..the average taxpayer here pays THOUSANDS FOR TAXES EACH AND EVERY YEAR. the gravy train must end.


  4. now THAT sounds like it would and should 3work!!!! i agree the gravy train must end. and hello-do you have to take a drug test to receive YOUR check!


  5. Section 8's are mustly people the are drug dealers! Nothing but problems with these people.Landlords are at faught, all they care about is their money!! This is FACTS!!


  6. RIGHT. AND they are the ones who live better than we all do! they have the newest phones, laptops, kindles, etc., get their nails done every week, wear brand name clothes, drive expensive cars, DON'T PAY ANY TAXES, SEND ALL TEN OF THEIR KIDS TO OUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND WE HAVE TO PAY FOR THEM…..do NOT spend ANY of that money at loocal businesses, trash and wreck the apartments they live in, etc etc etcsend em packin


  7. These fools makin comments like they kno these ppl, HELLO! sum1 has lost a father, brother, a son. e'body so quick 2 judge, only 1 judge, pray he have mercy on ur soul as the departed


  8. I have to agree. You do not know these people and domestic violence happens EVERYWHERE! Just because it happened in your glorious town doesn't mean crap. This wasn't some random drug related murder, etc. It is a man who treated his wife like crap till she finally had enough and filed for seperation and went on with her life. Would you be making the same comments if it was a white family that had the same thing happen? Don't claim I'm trying to play the race card either because I'm white and I'm a working taxpayer. Why don't you people think before you open your mouth? The same thing could be happening to your own daughter right now and you know nothing about it. As far as being on welfare, what else can a single mother trying her best to raise 6 kids do? This economy is awful and I can assure you, she is from a very good family and not some piece of trash living off the system. I'm proud to say that I don't live in Columbia and I thank god for that becuase I'd hate to have awful small minded people like you as neighbors.


  9. no disrespect – but the FIRST thing to do – GET FIXED….and NO, it's NOT a race thing….don't matter who what, why, color, creed, religion – Columbia does NOT need any help with its bad rep and bad rap-this has been gone on for probly 60 years. it's sooo not right. just sayin. u need to look at both sides too.


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