Susquehanna River getting healthier, report says –

14 responses to “Susquehanna River getting healthier, report says –”

  1. seriously??? just like that. BS…no it's not and we all know it. how dare u splash this on the front page of the lancaster paper-it's NOT true and y'all know it. that's why we have no smallmouth and that's why fish are male and females instead of one or the other…go to the farms and start there. and STOP LYING TO THE PUBLIC – WE DESERVE BETTER


  2. I'm sure the people who own and use the cottages along the river bank and on the islands are dumping plenty of sewage into the river. Why hasn't the DEP or EPA looked into where the sewer waste goes for these cabins?


  3. In regard to the cottages: This has been an ongoing mystery. From what I understand, if someone ever broke this story open, a lot of dirty, little secrets would spill out. I also wonder what is flowing out of that huge pipe beside the bridge, at River Park.


  4. i agree you need to start with all the farms and businesses that are along the river…remember, you have to start way up above us …..there are a whole lot of farms and also a lot of businesses that discharge into the river…….just who is inspecting these businesses that discharge into the river ??????


  5. Isn't that the same pipe that at some point starts at the THE, runs under the Colonial Metals property where there used to be a building? I thought it was creek water and rain water runoff.


  6. really? i think the bigger picture here is the upper Susquehanna, after all the river flows down into the lower Susquehanna!!!! what needs looked at is ALL the farms, businesses, etc that are dumping into the river ALL the time….its a LOT bigger than y'all think. farms and business are the biggest number uno culprits…DEP START THERE…


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